Empowering older adults in making the decision to Modify or Move, enabling them to maintain independence as they age, by implementing thoughtful design in their daily living.

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If the clutter in your home has become too much to bear, downsizing may be a great option for you. With these simple steps, you can take back control of your life and create an environment of simplicity and peace in your home. Decide Which Possessions Are Most Important to Keep. Before you begin to […]

Aging-in-place is a popular option for seniors who want to remain in the home they know and love instead of moving into an assisted living facility. With some planning, it’s possible to reap the monetary and mental health benefits of aging-in-place and make sure your home meets all your needs. The Financial Advantages of Aging-in-Place. One of […]

As you or your loved one gets older, aging in place may become an attractive option. With the right resources, it’s possible to remain independent and live at home for longer. This comprehensive guide explores the strategies and resources necessary to ensure a successful aging-in-place experience. Assess Your Home for Safety. It’s important to assess […]

As you age, you may wonder if your current home is suitable for aging in place. But before you make the decision to renovate or move to an accessible home, consider the pros and cons. Our blog explores the benefits and challenges of both options so you can make an informed decision that ensures your safety, comfort, […]

With a few adjustments and modifications, you can make your home safer and more accessible to continue enjoying an independent and comfortable lifestyle as you age. De-clutter, install grab bars and handrails, install non-slip flooring, improve lighting, and more. Learn how in this article. As we age, we all want to maintain our independence and […]

Am I ready to move? There are many factors in the decision to pull up roots and replant them in a place you are not certain is right.  Many ask the “what if…” questions.  Some of my clients are more adventurous than others and jump in feet first and never look back.  Others test the temperature of the […]